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Challenges @ XP2012

Challenge yourself and your team at XP2012!

The Challenge of the Productive Week at XP2012


Plan - Build – Deploy - At Least Once - Within A Week


Industry teams are invited to plan, build, deploy at least one iteration of their system/product onsite at XP2012 within the conference week. First team out builds well-known classified ads site, now in 20 countries. Official figures for Sweden is 500MSEK income with 60% profit. Most Swedes know We look forward to have teams from other countries joining them! If you have a successful agile team but maybe want them to get in even better shape, consider this challenge. It will give your team an opportunity to be proud of their craft in the eyes of the agile world, and you might get to clean up that refactoring mess that slows you down but the product owner post-phoned again, since XP2012 will be a Kodak moment for your team and your company!



Build your dream development server!


One of our sponsors has generously promised to provide virtual servers and prizes for a competition to build the best-ever development server.
Details will follow!