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XP2012 announced at Oredev 2011


The Oredev 2011 conference offered XP2012 a spot on November 10, 2011 as opening act before their popular keynote speaker Dan North.
XP2012 general chair Erik Lundh took the opportunity to push the promise of agile and the Team Challenge.
Close to a thousand heads in the audience on the 8.30 morning keynotes at Oredev 2011


Agile by Design - How Designers Work - Silent Movie


Sketches by Åke Karlsson Function Design Sweden in late april 2011
Stopmotion rig designed and built by Erik Lundh to make this movie in late april 2011.

This is the video within the XP2012 presentation above.
It is a stopmotion capture of how industrial designer Åke Karlson create new designs.
He has done this stuff some 40 years by now...

The accompanying music to this sequence is muted in both videos to make them viewable in all countries.
There are alternate versions on youtube with music, thus not viewable in some countries.