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Call for Proposals

Important dates

  • December 11, 2011 – Preliminary submission deadline (except for research papers)
  • January 3, 2012 – Final submission deadline (all contributions except scientific workshops and Phd symposium)
  • February 21, 2012 – Feedback to contributors
  • March 10 – Final versions due

Note: Feedback to contributors on their proposals has been delayed. Notifications to contributors will go out over the next few weeks. (Updated February 29, 2012)

How to Submit a Proposal

Submit your proposals by using the XP 2012 submission systems here

About the Proposals

The conference theme is Agile by Design. We are interested in success stories, failure stories, practical applications and interesting ideas. Conference topics of particular interest are:

  • Agile in the organization. There is much debate in the Agile community about how to fit Agile into existing business organizations. At the same time, the business community is discussing why business organizations must transform into something new. Example topics:
    • Taking advantage of Agile at the organizational level
    • Obstacles to implementing Agile, and how to overcome them
  • Agile techniques. Ten years ago, Agile had a strong focus on engineering skills. Then the pendulum swung towards collaborative and management skills. Is there value in merging the two? Or, with the rise of Design Thinking, will the pendulum swing in a whole new direction?
    Example topics:
    • Software engineering skills and practices
    • Project management skills and practices
    • Design Thinking and design skills and practices
  • Leadership/executive perspectives. The rise of the knowledge worker, increased competition, customers that communicate via the Internet, rapid and low cost access to information and ideas, all contribute to making old ideas about management and leadership increasingly obsolete.  Example topics:
    • My job went to China – competing and collaborating with the rising giant
    • Shift happens – Thriving on rapid change
    • Leading an agile organization
    • Agile contracts – In context
    • Customer relationships
    • Agile culture

Do not feel limited to the topics above. We are constantly looking for new ideas. We are particularly interested in ideas generated in the intersection between different areas of interest.